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* Colors, sizes & bag styles subject to stock on hand and may require ordering. Six-month and 4-year ratings are estimates and do not apply if bags are subjected to abuse or rough treatment. Ask about our guarantee.

NM gross receipts tax of 7.5% applies to all in-state sales (waived with valid NM NTTC).
 30-day invoicing available for qualified businesses & government entities.
Credit card purchases over $1,000 are subject to a 3% card processing fee.
Advance payment or deposits may be required in some instances.

Call 505-750-3478 (leave message) or
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Have special needs? Let us know what you're looking for. All prices subject to change.

orange palleted sandbagsWhat makes us different?

  • We're local. Buying from us benefits the community & provides local jobs.

  • While standard bags are 30-35 lbs each, we don't charge extra if you want your bags filled up to the maximum of 50 lbs. per bag. (Note that overweight bags will lessen the number of bags on a pallet; 50 lb bags will give you 50 bags per pallet.)

  • Need precise weight? We weigh each bag and can provide accuracy of +/- 1 lb.

  • You can buy filled bags or empty ones in your choice of burlap, polypropylene and monofilament, Save money and fill them yourself.

  • Unlike other suppliers, there's no minimum quantity. You can buy 1, 10 or 100,000 bags.

All our bags are available in assorted sizes, with the poly bags available in a selection of colors & weights. If we don't have it in stock, we'll order it.

Our standard poly & burlap filled bags conform to Corps of Engineers guidelines: approx. 30-35 lbs. & about 0.33 cubic feet each, run 75 bags to the pallet, and 20 pallets (1500 bags) to the truckload. As stated above, we also provide 50 lb bags; these run 50 bags to the pallet (1,000 bags per truckload). We use masonry sand from recycled concrete & secure our bags with 58 lb. test nylon zip ties.

If you have particular or exacting weight specifications (± 1 lb) for your bags, we're happy to accommodate your needs at no extra cost. though bag count per pallet & shipping costs may require some adjustment. Since we're a small company, we might need reasonable lead time to get your bags filled. Rush orders are available at extra charge.

Emergency? Call us at 505-750-3478 (DIRT), pretty much 24/7. If we don't answer right away, leave a detailed message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. We check email and voice messages multiple times during the day.

Our Products:

We don't scrimp. We can't; our climate and altitude (UV) is brutal to sandbags, so we need to go out of our way to supply the best. We appreciate quality, and want what we sell to reflect on us. Both our poly and our treated burlap bags meet or exceed US military specs. We'll also work with you to customize your needs.

Polypropylene bags are woven, nearly waterproof, and tear/puncture resistant. We only carry bags that have been pre-treated with a high degree of UVI (ultraviolet inhibitors). We also carry treated and untreated burlap bags (below).

Polypropylene bags, HD 4-year bags:
Our heavy-duty woven polypropylene 14.5"x26" sandbags are available in white, black and orange. These are amongst the toughest bags on the market. While the manufacturer rates them 4-year bags, under different conditions they may last a shorter or a longer term. Heavier than the average tarp (4.5 oz/yard, 12 mil), they're the toughest bags we've seen.

Polypropylene bags, medium weight: Our standard white woven polypropylene bags are 10x10 weave and a minimum of 850 denier, resisant to moisture, tears, rips, soil bacteria & critters, and treated with a minimum of 1600 hour ultraviolet inhibitor (UVI).  In New Mexico, this equals out to a lifespan of about 6 months or longer before the sun starts to break them down. In some cases, they can last a year or longer.

Burlap bags (treated) are 9 oz. jute, dipped in an EPA-approved ammonia solution to stiffen them & enhance their resistance to mildew, moisture, insects and soil bacteria. They're biodegradable and can be left in place (and can even be stuccoed or plastered over for permanent structural  installations). They conform to US military specification CID A-A-52141 (formerly MILB-12233E) / NSN#8105-00-285-4744 - class A, and are made in the US.

Burlap bags (untreated) are 100% additive-free and are food-grade with no odor. These are available in a variety of sizes (call or email for more information). We normally keep the 14"x26" and the 18"x30" sizes in stock. Other sizes will require special ordering.

Monofilament bags: These are made of a monofilament polyethylene and are open-meshed to allow filtered stormwater drainage. They're better filled with gravel than with sand or dirt (which may sift out). Depending on use & conditions, their life span is about 3-6 years or longer.

  • Durabags are 14"x26", come in seven colors (great for landscaping or conditions that call for either high or low visibility).
  • Snakebags have a filled size of 6" x 36" and include a handle on one end. They're excellent for both ballast and filtration.

Fitted pallet covers: we carry these in both HD (silver, 10.5 mil) and lightweight (3 mil, black).

Tools include bag filling stands, hand tampers & sifters, and 4-pt, 15.5 gauge barbed wire (for locking stacked bags together), sold by the foot or by the roll.

Other bag sizes:

Larger bags (18"x30") are available in white, orange, yellow & untreated burlap (75 lb. capacity).

Tubular sandbags are available in white polypropylene (empty size 12"x38", filled size 4"H x 8"W x 24"L). These have about 60 lb. capacity and excel at controlling light flooding & stormwater runoff.

Other sizes available as special orders; we ask pre-payment. Allow an average of 3-5 business days.

About us:

We're New Mexico's only full-service sandbag company. Since 2009 we've been supplying the needs of defense contractors, government and tribal agencies, and businesses both large and small. We pride ourselves on meeting your specifications & deadlines with reliability and a superior product. We'll bend over backwards to get your order to you on spec and on schedule.

Click here to visit our store. All prices subject to change.

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