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Nylon Saddle Sandbags

You know these. Constructed of heavy Cordura nylon, these bags have zippered compartments to hold sand or gravel. They're available in different colors and styles and are the film industry standard for holding down tripods, booms, and light stands. Bags can be emptied and refilled multiple times. 

Sizes and weights vary, with 10 lb. and 20 lb. bags being the most popular. We can provide bags both
empty and filled (your choice of sand or gravel) to your specifications. Sand fill is in a sturdy zip-lock plastic
bag to prevent leakage.

Pricing: Varies depending on size, style, and quantity. By way of example, we sell the 10 lb. bags (empty)
for $10.00 each and filled ones for $15.00 each. Inquire for more information. Rentals are available; limited
to stock on hand.

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